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Tour to educate on ways to protect marriage
BY LAURA KILGUS, Staff Reporter

PROVIDENCE—The Diocese of Providence is offering a unique opportunity to learn about the impact that same-sex marriage will have on families and businesses of Rhode Island.

The ‘Why Marriage Matters Tour’ will kickoff on April 7 with the goal of educating the faithful and others on the importance of marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

At these evening information sessions, clergy and laypeople will discuss the church’s teachings on this sacred relationship and provide answers to questions and myths that have surfaced during the marriage debate.

Bishop Thomas J. Tobin said that the Catholic Church is sponsoring this effort to share the truth about church teachings on marriage and the importance of marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

“These informative evenings will provide facts that support the church’s teachings on marriage and why Catholics are working tirelessly to protect marriage here in Rhode Island,” Bishop Tobin said.

The evening sessions will include a marriage presentation by a priest and lay couple that will include topics such as ‘Why Marriage Matters,’ the impact of same-sex marriage on families and businesses, legislative updates and conclude with a question and answer period.

Deacon Stephen Cote, coordinator of the diocesan Marriage Preparation and Enrichment office, said that the marriage tour is a presentation of awareness encouraging individuals to defend the sacrament.

“It’s a call to people who are married to give witness to the sacrament of marriage and to be able to defend marriage if necessary,” he said. “We expect people who are single to do the same thing, to uphold the teachings of the church. This is to help inform people of the consequences if same-sex marriage was allowed to become law.”

Father John Codega, one of the presenters on the tour and pastor of St. Brendan Church Riverside, said the goal of the marriage tour is to educate and encourage the community to be proactive in the moral and ethical issues of the state and diocese.

“They have been lied to by the pro same-sex marriage organizations,” Father Codega explained. “Same sex marriage is not a civil right. Rhode Island is not on the back end of a national trend. Forty-six states already have prohibitions against same-sex marriage. Hopefully it is going to get people involved in the legislation.”

Father Codega added that people of all ages are encouraged to attend the events, especially young people throughout the state.

“Young people are the ones really on the forefront of the propaganda on the misinformation that’s out there,” he said. “The kids are just being point blank lied to, they have been lied to for so long. I encourage them to come and get, not just the opposing view, but the truth about what we have no right to redefine. Our young people really need to hear that message.”

Local elected officials will also be invited to attend to hear how changing the definition of marriage will impact Rhode Island.

The ‘Why Marriage Matters’ Tour will visit the following parishes

April 7: St. Jude, Lincoln

April 11: Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Woonsocket

April 13: Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Bristol

April 26: St. Pius, Providence

April 28: St. Peter, Warwick

May 2: St. Bernard, Wickford

May 4: Holy Apostles, Cranston

May 17: Saints John and Paul, Coventry.

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