A watershed moment for the protection of human life


The abortion bills being debated by our state legislators seem surreal — as if we are planning to occupy a dystopian world and play “god.” History demonstrates that individuals who think they are godlike always have destructive even fatal agendas. Our contemporary reference point could be Hitler (but there are certainly others we could choose). History recounts that Hitler chose to eliminate Jews, gypsies, political dissidents, Poles, Catholics and anyone who didn’t fit his “Arian” image. Millions of lives were lost, a loss so egregious that those wounds still run with ooze in the 21st Century! The specter we face in this country over third trimester abortion bills is a contemporary Holocaust in the making. This is a watershed moment for our humanity, our state and our country. We must acknowledge that human life matters. If we don’t fight to protect the innocent, we haven’t done our job. And, in not doing our job, we risk the very real possibility that in our personal futures we may be “deemed” of no account and not worthy of saving!

Ellen Kitchell, St. Augustine Parish