letter to the editor

Bishop Tobin exercised his civic duty by entering debate about gay marriage



Roger Williams would be proud of Bishop Thomas J. Tobin who stepped forward and expressed his personal concerns on proposed legislative bills that involves gay marriage.

In his column in the Providence Journal, M. Charles Bakst wrote: “I welcome the gay marriage debate in Rhode Island. In fact, I once wrote a column applauding Bishop Tobin for expressing his views in a state Supreme Court brief. I wish more people, wherever they stand, would speak up respectfully and with a willingness to listen and to learn.”

As a qualified citizen and voter in the State of Rhode Island, Bishop Tobin exercised his civic duty and right to participate as an individual citizen by entering into the debate on gay marriage legislation. After respectfully reading both sides of the argument for and against gay marriage, I find Bishop Tobin’s arguments against gay marriage legislation persuasive and consistent with reason. This is in sharp contrast to the arguments for gay marriage by M. Charles Bakst that are backed by emotional suppositions.

When more Rhode Islanders make known their position on gay marriage legislation, it will come apparent that the majority of citizens are of the opinion that the moral quality of our society in Rhode Island would not be upheld by enacting gay marriage legislation.

Ralph P. Miech, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor Emeritus

Dept. of Molecular Pharmacology,

Physiology & Biotechnology

Warren Albert Medical School

Brown University