‘Black Wednesday’ gave birth to a new version of healthcare in Rhode Island


Thanks to Gov. Gina Raimondo and 21 of our state senators, Rhode Island garnered national media attention on Wednesday, June 19, for the worst possible reason: the legalization of infanticide. From now on, it’s a day that all civilized Rhode Islanders should mournfully refer to as “Black Wednesday.” The prince of darkness must certainly be rejoicing at the prospect that babies can now be murdered legally here in our state up until the moment they’re born, and that if they’re born in a botched abortion procedure they can be legally abandoned and left to die.

This is what our esteemed governor calls “healthcare.” But healthcare for whom? Certainly not the child, whose nascent life comes to a painful and horrid end at the hands of a heartless abortionist. Nor the mother, who must live either in denial or in a guilt-ridden state for the rest of her life — unless she reaches out for the mercy and healing she desperately needs.

Gov. Raimondo was quoted as saying, “The majority of Rhode Islanders are for [the bill].” That is false. As Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser stated, “More than three in four Ocean State voters —Democrats, Independents, women and a strong majority of self-described pro-choice voters — agree expanding late-term abortions is too extreme.”

But even if the majority did support the bill and its contents, that would not justify the grave moral evil it sanctions.

What is also deeply disturbing here is the fact that there are actually 21 senators in our state who agree with the governor on this issue. One wonders what they plan to do next — legalize the selling of fetal body parts perhaps?

That would displease the Lord (as well as the vast majority of Rhode Islanders), but the people at Planned Parenthood would absolutely love it.