Freedom of religion is much more than freedom of worship


The Fourth of July is a day to thank God for the many wonderful freedoms we enjoy here in the United States of America that citizens of some other nations in the world do not enjoy. One of the most important of these freedoms is the freedom of religion, which has been under severe attack in recent years by those who wish to censor and/or silence law-abiding American citizens whose points of view happen to be informed by religious faith.

As an alternative, these crafty opponents of religious freedom often propose the idea of “freedom of worship” as a type of compromise position.

Do not be fooled! Freedom of religion is much more than freedom of worship. Freedom of religion means that you can live your private life — and your public life — according to the dictates of your faith. Freedom of worship means, “You Christians can pray however you like within the four walls of your church building, but outside in the real world you had better think and act and live like the rest of us — or else!”

Freedom of religion is what our Constitution guarantees. We should therefore demand nothing less for ourselves, and for every other citizen of our great nation.