Jesus Christ is King of Heaven and Earth


On December 11, 1925, Pope Pius XI signed and published his enlightening encyclical “Quas Primas,” which reaffirmed the Kingship of Jesus Christ. Prior to the Vatican II Council, the kingship of Christ was proclaimed throughout the Church as well as in the secular realm. Much of the teaching about Christ’s kingship and dominion over all of heaven and earth has been overshadowed by voices indifferent to religion and the saving truth of Jesus Christ and His Church.

Pope Pius XI wrote his encyclical with a prophetic voice, seeing the dark forces of socialism and secularism, as well as other monarchical regimes throughout Europe, attacking the foundations of the Catholic Church. His encouraging words apply to us today as well since Jesus Christ reigns throughout all time and space. In “Quas Primas,” the pope proclaims that there is a throne which shall never fall, there is a King who shall reign forever, there is an Empire which brings peace, not war; justice, not confusion; eternal beatitude, not ephemeral ecstasy. This King is Christ who reigns “in the hearts of men,” both by reason of the keenness of his intellect and the extent of his knowledge, and also because he is Truth itself. From Him, truth must be obediently received by all mankind. He reigns in the wills of men, for his human will was perfectly and entirely obedient to the Will of God. Further, by his grace and inspiration he orients our wills to the most noble of endeavors. He is King of hearts, too, by reason of his “charity which exceeds all knowledge.”