North Korea and the Potential for Nuclear War


As tensions with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un persist, the world is being warned it may be on the brink of nuclear war. Those nations closest to North Korea are practicing their evacuation drills should the dictator instigate further challenges that would undeniably lead to the destruction of his own nation. The Doomsday Clock is paused at two-and-half minutes before midnight as the world watches.

While peaceful negotiations continue by way of economic sanctions and political pressures the question of their success remains in doubt. Rational measures are not effective in dealing with irrational minds — clearly, there is an irrational mind in the young dictator. While miracles are possible and the success of these measures should always be the first hoped-for outcome, more direct measures of intervention may be necessary.

Although the criteria for physical intervention is strict and must be exhaustive, the use of measured force must be an option. Purposeful destruction of property and the inevitable loss of life, though never a good thing, in some cases may be justifiable. The teachings of the Catholic Church state very clearly that once all peaceful options have been exhausted, nations have the right to defend themselves — even if by force.

We continue to pray for peace in all places but especially in areas where nuclear weapons are on the table. Pray for the rational discernment of all involved for we know when these weapons are used again, the world will never be the same.