On war and abortion



It fascinates me when others justify killing the unborn because there are other killings that are “justified.” Mr. Mark Scibilia-Carver chose to use his justification in connection with war. What is not clear is whether or not he is referring to all wars or just the ones he considers unjust. Should we deny communion to those who fought in World War II, for example, or just in Iraq or Afghanistan?
Most wars involve the innocent and the guilty, but abortion is a war directed at killing the innocent. In fact, innumerably more children have been killed in the womb in the last 50 years than all the men, women and children in wars going back hundreds of years.
The politicians Mr. Sciblia-Carver referred to were voting for the war in favor of abortion that will continue to kill the innocent for years to come. He may certainly be correct that Father Bucci’s approach may not change minds, but then again neither has offering politicians communion. In fact, it has become worse. Now, they cheer for the killing of the innocent, expect taxpayers to pay for the killing, and are authoritatively attempting to force doctors and nurses to participate in abortion against their will.
Jesus does call us to a radical love: something that all of us have failed at. That is why He called us to repentance and gave us confession. If denying communion, etc., is the way that Father Bucci’s prayerful conscience leads him to correct his flock, then he would be wrong to do it any other way. Communion is an enormous gift that should not be taken lightly.

Judith Costa, Providence