President doesn’t deserve pro-life praise in R.I. Catholic editorial



I am writing to echo the letter published last week by Father David Lewis Stokes. He beat me to the punch. I also was very upset, surprised and disappointed that the Feb. 6 editorial praised and extolled President Trump’s attempts at being so “pro-life,” when in truth he seems to care nothing about “protecting, cherishing and defending every human life.”
If so, then why are families seeking a better and safe life here torn apart and children held in prison-like camps? The president’s brief appearance at the January March for Life was nothing but another grandstanding political tactic. That very fact, by the way, was made even more clear in the comments of local young people who traveled from Rhode Island to attend the March. One young woman strongly pointed out that there were vendors all around the area where the president spoke who were displaying and handing out re-election materials, etc. She stated that the general feeling among the pro-life groups was that he was there to campaign, and that it detracted from the real mission of the March.
The president’s behavior and words have nothing to do with the March’s end goals. He certainly doesn’t deserve the praise the newspaper’s recent editorial gave him.

Pat Crandall, Snug Harbor