Reader appreciative of Father Tad’s insight in R.I. Catholic



Thanks for printing articles by Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D., which I have become very interested in because of my pro-life activism. Father’s Bioethics expertise is something I’ve known little about. In an article he wrote a month or two ago, I strongly agree with his opinion that exceptions concerning abortion and also contraception are abortion’s root cause. His most recent article, “an Authentic Democracy,” found in your 7-25-19 edition makes me think there isn’t any such thing as authentic democracy any more than there is authentic socialism or communism.
The late Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen spoke out strongly against communism. Also, a mother you mentioned in a recent editorial who gave birth to a still-born baby who then prayed for Bishop Sheen’s intercession received a miraculous favor from God. The baby, who was dead for 61 minutes, began to breathe normally and is 8 years old now. I understand that the Vatican has approved it as a miracle.
I’m convinced that when we contemplate things authentic we must first consider our Catholic faith. What can ever be more authentic than that?

George Bedford, Pawtucket

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