Swedish aid is now blackmail


Sweden announced last Tuesday that it would cut all aid to several Latin American nations, including Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Peru. The Swedish Government suggested the move was an effort to promote more human rights in the area. The human rights the Swedes are so concerned about that they’ll cut millions of dollars in much-needed aid is not the torture of prisoners, the oppression of a free press, restrictions on free exercise of religion. or the violation of conscience of political prisoners.

No, these are not the human rights violations that so worry the Swedes. Rather, it is the restriction of abortion. Yes, in an effort to make certain Latin American nations ease their legal restrictions on abortion – especially the nation of Nicaragua, which enacted a law last year that completely outlaws abortion – the Swedish government has withdrawn all of its financial aid to these economically poor nations.

Apparently, the Swedish government considers the legalization of killing unborn children a “human right,” and will stop at nothing to spread the culture of death even to places where it is unwanted and unwelcome. Last year, the Swedish ambassador to Nicaragua joined with other so called enlightened European ambassadors and leaders From United Nations agencies in calling upon the Nicaraguan government not to legally restrict access to unlimited abortion on demand. Two Nicaraguan congressmen have accused the Swedish ambassador of “exerting pressure and conditioning all of their aid on meddling” in their abortion laws.

Cuts in aid to these nations will undoubtedly affect the most vulnerable sectors of Latin American society. The Swedish government should be ashamed of this outrageous and extortive attempt to force legal abortion on pro-life nations. Abortion on demand is not a “human right,” but rather an attack upon innocent unborn lives; and for Sweden to suggest the contrary is as offensive as it is false. This attempt to pressure poor nations is a shameful act that should be condemned for what it truly is: extortion. We applaud the pro-life governments of Latin America for their commitment to the culture of life, and encourage them to continue to resist the shameful economic pressure put on them by Sweden. We remind them all that innocent human life must be protected at all costs, even at the cost of cutting economic ties with Sweden.