The First 100 Days


Each time a new commander in chief takes the oath of office there follows much discussion over the insubstantial milestone of their first 100 days in office. How have they met expectations? Have they kept their promises? Have they grown into the new-found position of power and authority? While the marker is subject for prime time television news and late night TV perhaps there are similar reflections all the faithful might make.

There are approximately 100 days between Ash Wednesday and Pentecost Sunday. Each year, the Church provides this time to formulate and celebrate. The faithful prepare themselves with acts of service, prayer and self-denial in order to be better disposed to the challenges that lie ahead and become more like Christ in the world. Each year, throngs come out to celebrate with ashes and palms branches. They stand and gaze into the empty tomb and await the promise of the Holy Spirit.

How are all the Christians doing this time? Sent forth with renewed vigor, these men and women in God’s offices means there surely must be great accomplishments in His name. There should be more men, women and children taken off the streets and invited into homes, more hungry being fed, more marginalized being served. Certainly, with so many in office during these 100 days, there must be fewer lives being taken from mother’s wombs or from violence in our streets.

How one man is doing in his office is good kindling for discussions. Imagine a nation where all the faithful scrutinize themselves for their 100 days in office — not once but each and every year.