Those who create life have responsibility to protect it



As logic evidence reveals as the highest probability that the life within a pregnant woman is a living human being, then she, the father and their community (including legislators) must recognize their moral and civic responsibility to protect this new life. Terminating this new life becomes a violation of its God-given and constitutional right to life. Regardless of the circumstances of the conception, the responsibility to protect this innocent life is unavoidable. There is in our society a trend in thought and practice that one need not consider the fact that the life in the womb is an innocent, vulnerable child who has as much right to life as the child that can be held in the arms of a parent. There are very emotional excuses that encourage this trend, but they are all based in a refusal to accept an “invasion of nature” into the mother’s or father’s life. The statement, “I have the right to decide what happens to my body,” is given because of a disbelief in the existence of a truly living child in the womb or a belief that the living unborn child does not have a right to life equal to the mother’s or father’s right to choose.

Ray Hodges, North Scituate