Your mom is always praying for you



Thank you, Bishop Tobin, for your wonderful columns in the Rhode Island Catholic. Your last one, “Keep Me In Your Prayers,” (Thursday, July 20, 2019) resonated so deeply within me. My dear Mother often said it to me too and I can still hear her voice saying it and then I would say: “Mom, please keep me in yours too.” Right to the end of my Mother’s life, I knew her prayers were reaching our Blessed Lord and keeping me going when I was discouraged or facing struggles in schools, jobs, and in my personal life. Today, if I may borrow from you Bishop, I know I cannot declare it “infallibly,” but I am certain my Mom is with yours in Heaven and asking our Blessed Lord to please help my son Bobby, Bishop Tobin, and so many others. (Yes, she always prayed for our priests and clergy and of course my Father, her children and her friends.) Recently I said to a dear friend from my parish, “Gosh, I am praying for so many, I hope someone is praying for me!” He looked at me and smiled, and then said: “Well, I promise to say a few for you too, but remember, your Mom is always praying for you.” As I walked away, I thought of your column, Bishop, and said to my Mom in prayer, “Mom, keep me in your prayers.”

Robert E. Burns, Cranston