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By Father Stephen Battey Recently, someone shared a photo of a poorly veiled statue which looked more like something that one would find in a comedy film, rather than a Catholic church. Funny as … more
By Father Jean Joseph Brice Christianity radically and concretely lived has enormous evangelical power. Today, the Church is losing generations of Catholic youth and young adults. It is arguable … more
By Father Brian Morris Q: Recently, a group of friends had a conversation involving Purgatory, and whether the Catholic Church still teaches that it is a reality. Some feel that Christ dying on … more
By Father Stephen Battey Q. Why is it that these days it seems there are very few churches that offer Stations of the Cross on Friday evenings? It was a very nice tradition that I, and I assume … more
By Father Brian Morris Q: I can’t square in my head that God would tell Moses to have lepers go around and yell about how they are unclean and had to live away from everyone else. Do you think … more
By Father Jean Joseph Brice On Ash Wednesday, if a stranger had visited our world for the first time, he would have noticed something saliently striking. Young, old, men, women, office and street … more
By Father Stephen Battey Q. Why do parishioners bring up gifts of bread and wine during Mass? We’ve all experienced it at one time or another; the priest stands at the foot of sanctuary and … more
Father Brian Morris Q: Why was Sunday (January 14) the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time instead of the First Sunday in Ordinary Time? The previous Sunday was the Epiphany, the Sunday before that was … more
By Father Jean Joseph Brice In the last few years, anyone who has been paying attention to the religious trends has heard one unending hymn: the church has no grandchildren. Countless surveys show … more
By Father Stephen Battey At least once or twice a week I will be called to visit someone suffering from a serious illness. Upon my return from one such visit, a parishioner very matter-of-factly … more
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