Catholic Communication and the Gospel


What would your life look like if you suddenly spent one week without your laptop, tablet or any telephone communication whatsoever? Tempting, isn’t it! Outside of being blissfully peaceful in the short-term, your life would likely deteriorate into a relative chaos. We depend upon the technological means of communication to maintain relationships, friendships and the normal order of our busy, day-to-day lives. So does the Church.

Next weekend, June 11 and 12, the diocese takes up once again the annual Catholic Communication Collection to sustain the Church’s vibrant, fruitful and joyful proclamation of the Gospel. Through such means as the Diocesan App, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and the Rhode Island Catholic, our diocese embraces, with technological savvy, our Lord’s great commission to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” While not everyone is called to proclaim the Gospel on a blog or tweet the teachings of Sacred Scripture on Twitter, we are all responsible for supporting those who tirelessly strive to make Jesus Christ known and loved from the pulpit, in the classroom, and especially through the various forms of “new media” that are able to reach so many.

If your personal life would lose its effectiveness and fruitfulness from even one week of being “off the grid,” imagine how vital it is for the Church to maintain its proclamation of the Gospel in the field of media and social communications.