A Christmas Message from Bishop Thomas J. Tobin


“The people who walked in darkness have seen
a great light.” (Is 9:1)

This beautiful scriptural verse that we hear each year at Christmastime seems especially appropriate this year. With a global pandemic, economic challenges, civil unrest, intense political divisions, and perhaps personal difficulties as well, it seems that the whole world has been walking in darkness.

But as often happens, our faith in Jesus Christ comes to the rescue. In the birth of Jesus we have indeed “seen a great light.” His living presence among us gives us every reason for comfort and joy, and renewed hope for the New Year. Jesus is, after all, Emmanuel, the God who is with us; and because God is with us, even in the darkest of days, we have nothing to fear.

Dear friends in the Diocese of Providence, please be assured of my gratitude and special prayers and blessings in this Holy Season. Thank you for all you do for Christ and His Church. And may you have a prayerful and joyous Christmas, and a peacefulNew Year filled with God’s finest blessings!

                                                             — Bishop Thomas J. Tobin