A new priest for Providence brings hope in trying times


The Diocese of Providence rejoices as it receives a newly ordained priest this weekend. In trying and unchartered times, the ordination of a new priest brings much needed hope to the people of this local Church. In the past few months, we have seen the debilitating effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, from mounting sickness and death to economic collapse, anxiety, and depression. Yet in the midst of darkness, the light of Christ shines all the more brightly.

And through the hands of a priest, that light will cascade onto many people desiring its brilliance. Through just one celebration of the Holy Mass, a priest, as the instrument of Christ Himself, does more for the world than any other means conceivable. In the confessional, the priest reconciles souls to God; and next to the bed of the sick, the priest leads souls back to their heavenly homeland. These particular graces bestowed upon the priest serve not for his own prestige or glory, but for the sanctification of mankind, that more souls will be won for Christ.

In a world desiring answers, the priest provides sound instruction and helps them see the truth. And, above all, by the way he lives his life, the priest points to the Savior, that the world might turn its gaze to its final happiness. Yes, these are dark times. But God has not forgotten the pleas of his people. He has sent us a new priest.