A Statement from Bishop Tobin on Behalf of the Diocese of Providence Regarding the Violence that Occurred in Providence


Resorting to violence does not honor the memory of George Floyd whose tragic death in Minneapolis is morally offensive and repugnant to all. Nor does it promote the just cause of civil rights. For decades, the Catholic Church, in its teaching and actions, has been at the forefront in opposing every expression of racism, and we renew that commitment today.

It is very clear that there are pressing issues in our society that urgently need to be addressed and corrected – including racism, inequality, and discrimination – whenever, wherever they occur. The Catholic Church fully supports those who are promoting these values in legitimate and peaceful ways.

The Diocese of Providence also stands in solidarity with public officials and law enforcement officers as they seek to ensure the safety and security of our community. We recognize that their public service is often difficult and dangerous. The recent incidents of planned violence here and elsewhere cannot be encouraged or accepted. These events simply cause division in our community, and result in additional suffering and pain to many good and innocent people.

As we pledge to renew our fraternal efforts to build a just and peaceful society, may all people of goodwill lift their hearts and minds to God in prayer to seek his divine intervention in these troubled times.