Abortion and Intimidation


If your argument is not so great, just intimidate.
That’s the contemporary philosophy of the “woke progressives” who currently control most of the secular media and academic institutions in the United States of America. And this has been especially evident since May 2 of this year. That’s the day a draft opinion of the Supreme Court concerning the pending Mississippi abortion case was leaked to the public. If it were to become the majority opinion of the court when the case is finally decided in a few weeks, this draft in its present form would overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, and return the issue of abortion to individual states. Not surprisingly, many abortion supporters are infuriated at this prospect. As a result of their apoplexy, churches all over the country have been vandalized and desecrated, pro-life pregnancy centers have been firebombed, and Supreme Court justices — as well as members of their families!—have been harassed and in some cases threatened with physical violence.
These are clearly the actions of desperate people who know they’ve lost the intellectual argument on the subject of abortion. The science is clear, as it has been for a number of years: at the moment of conception a new and distinct human life begins. Genetics proves that fact conclusively. Many pro-abortion fanatics know this, but their desire to keep baby-killing legal in this country is so insatiable that they willfully disregard the truth and the science. Consequently, instead of trying to defend their beliefs with reasoned arguments, they try to intimidate their enemies, namely pro-lifers, into submission and silence.
We must not allow that to happen. Our Supreme Court justices must not allow that to happen. Government by intimidation is what you see in countries like Russia and North Korea. It has no place in a free republic like ours.
And, hopefully, it never will.


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