Abortion is more profound than just a mere “social issue”



I learned many years ago that we should always look for the good in people, and also, that in the good there’s a little bad, and even in the very bad, there’s a little good. Ever since I first saw an illustration of the aftermath of an abortion, I knew it was wrong, and it left a constant image in my mind, always with heartache for babies who were never given a chance at life. To me, the killing of a baby living in the protection of his or her mother’s womb is the most barbaric act humanity has ever perpetrated on itself. If such thinking gives the perception of me as a bad person, then I would hope to never be perceived as a good person. If we cannot respect and protect the most innocent of human life, then respect and protection for all else in life, and yes, including mothers who carry their unborn, is diminished or lost. The thought that “the Catholic faith (is) centered on one or two social issues and not on Jesus Christ” fails to acknowledge the many good works of the Catholic Charity Fund, and its relation to “Jesus Christ” and “Catholic Orthodoxy.” Even if abortion was one of those “one or two social issues,” with the deaths of millions of babies since that infamous legal decision that became law, then that “social issue” would be most worthy of centrality. Thank God for our mothers, and for the priests, nuns and brothers who taught me many years ago...and may God enlighten those who would relegate abortion to a mere “social issue.”

Louis R. Rhyner, Narragansett