Allie’s Should Stick to Donuts


In October 2021, the chief operating officer of one of Rhode Island’s popular mainstay’s, Allie’s Donuts, resigned amid controversy. After the store eliminated discounts for military personnel and police in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, donut enthusiasts voiced their ire. The political tempest into which Allie’s waded rocked the very foundations of the company’s mission.
One might assume the donut shop would now eschew controversy and focus on their specialties: fried dough, sprinkles, and the ever-delectable “donut cake.” Sadly, Allie’s can’t resist the pressures of the woke mob. Their North Kingstown shop chose to allocate May’s customer donations to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country. While Allie’s effort to give to laudable causes through their monthly tip jars deserves admiration, their capitulation to the abortion lobby demands accountability.
Families rely on Allie’s to brighten their children’s eyes and widen their smiles. Parents must now shield those innocent eyes from an advertisement for a sexually charged — and morally corrupt — organization. Once dedicated to the celebration of life through its famous donut birthday cakes, Allie’s now ironically supports an organization committed to the destruction of life under the guise of “women’s health.” Political grandstanding from a donut shop should concern all people of good will, especially Catholics, who financially support Allie’s Donuts. This surpasses politics, however. Abortion is murder, to quote Pope Francis. With that in mind, if you’re going to celebrate someone’s birthday this year, consider an ice-cream cake instead.


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