An Imperishable Crown


At 43 years of age, Tom Brady is preparing to play in his tenth Super Bowl this Sunday. He’ll be attempting to win his seventh world championship as a starting quarterback — a feat unmatched in Super Bowl history. Whether you are a Brady fan or not, you have to admit that his commitment to excellence on the football field is highly inspiring. Through a specialized training program, he’s prepared himself well for the rigors of the NFL, at an age when most men are engaged in much more sedentary pursuits.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more Catholics were as committed to excellence in living their faith as Tom Brady is to excellence on the football field? Think about that as you watch the game this Sunday. And remember, as great as it is, the crown Tom is competing for is, as St. Paul would say, a “perishable one;” whereas the crown we are pursuing as disciples of Jesus Christ is “imperishable.”