An Unlikely Convert


He was a successful professor of Business at Harvard — the son of German, Jewish Holocaust survivors. He was also an atheist, who, as he puts it, “had long since lost hope in believing that God existed.” He was certainly not the most likely candidate for a radical conversion to Jesus Christ and the Church. Yet, that’s exactly what happened to Dr. Roy Schoeman. Two extraordinary spiritual experiences which occurred a year apart (one with Jesus, the other with our Blessed Mother) opened his heart to the truth, and eventually led him into the Catholic Church. It’s a fascinating story of the power of God’s grace, which we encourage you to read for your spiritual edification. It can be found in the current issue of “Shalom Tidings” magazine, as well as on numerous Internet sites — all of which can be easily accessed by googling Dr. Schoeman’s name.
In a culture weighed down by “cancelling,” COVID and crime, it is both comforting and encouraging to know that God is still at work in powerful ways among us. Dr. Schoeman’s conversion story is a beautiful testimony to that fact.