Being Pro-Life is All-Encompassing


One erroneous narrative argues that the Church’s “preeminent priority” of combating abortion conflicts with its concern for the other social issues. This narrative treats the Church’s social teachings as a zero-sum game. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the Church’s stress on the protection of innocent life beginning in the womb gives strength and cogency to her fight for other social concerns.
The protection of life in the womb necessarily entails support for life outside of the womb. Hence, by fighting against the egregious act of abortion, the Church shows her members that she is willing to protect innocent life at every stage without exception.
Just recently the Vatican released “Dignitas Infinita.” It is a declaration that touches on topics associated with human dignity such as abortion, euthanasia, surrogacy, gender theory and war. The breadth of its topics shows its underlying logic: that being pro-life is an all-encompassing position. This document shows us that we do not need to play a zero-sum game with the Church’s other social issues. In short, the Church’s preeminent priority concerning the threat of abortion strengthens and reinforces her concern with other social issues.