Being ‘pro-life’ should only refer to protecting the unborn



The term “pro-life” has always been used regarding the unborn and against abortion — period. The fact that one may support other issues regarding other “lives that matter” does not make one pro-life (as the term was intended from the beginning). Trying to squeeze other legitimate concerns under this title makes the true cause for pro-life ambiguous. I cannot say I am pro-choice because I feel parents should have the “choice’ to send their children to the school of their “choice.” The assumption would be absurd to those who use the term “pro-choice,” which has always been used regarding abortion and nothing else. This strategy is aimed at good, decent people, especially Catholics, who have a compassionate heart towards other people who are “marginalized.” I get it. But throwing the protection of the millions of defenseless lives of unborn babies into the same category as all marginalized human beings (who at least had the basic right to be born), takes our eyes off of the defense of the most marginalized of all human beings.

Roberta Morency, Barrington