Beware of pocket idols


On May 13th 1820 Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, who was an Augustinian nun, mystic and stigmatist, was given a future vision of dark times in the Church of St. Mary and the Martyrs, otherwise known as the Pantheon. In her vision she describes the Church, “It seemed to be a large, old house like a town hall with columns in front. I saw no altar in it, but only benches, and in the middle of it something like a pulpit. They had preaching and singing, but nothing else, and only very few attended it. And lo, a most singular sight! Each member of the congregation drew an idol from his breast, set it up before him, and prayed to it…The most singular part of it was that the idols filled the place; the church, although the worshippers were so few, was crowded with idols. When the service was over, everyone’s god re-entered into his breast.”

One may wonder what Blessed Anne was describing, but it may be that she saw the advent of the cell phone. No matter where you go today, even in churches and during Mass, it seems that people are glued to their cell phones. It has become a sort of idol for modern man and his whole life today revolves around being inundated with continuous streams of information. Every man, woman and child has one and it seems that we can’t live our lives without a cell phone. It almost seems that we have lost the ability to be still, sit quietly and not have to be entertained every waking moment. If we live our lives worshipping God with the attentiveness that we pay to our cell phones, then we would have a world full of saints.