Biden should not be treated with kid gloves



In your 28 January edition, “The Quiet Corner” made a bit of noise. Father Kiley spoke about Joe Biden, saying that only God can know if Biden is a good Catholic. There is a place for humility and mercy, in a Catholic’s life — but Catholics need not be blind to obvious truths about the man Joe Biden.
Cafeteria Catholicism is not something Good Catholics would want to enlarge, and giving Biden credit for one good thing [which Father Kiley never gives us an example of] should not confuse Catholics.
When Father Kiley writes: “… Mr. Biden’s less Orthodox stances...,” might have been closer to the truth had he used the word: “evil.”
While I wish Father Kiley was a bit less gentle with Joe Biden — who is using executive orders to bully many people and doing nothing to stop the censorship of conservative [and Catholic] voices — Father Kiley illustrates the challenge it will be for Catholics — especially the gullible ones.

Brian Gardner, Jamestown