Bishop Thomas J. Tobin is being vilified for speaking the truth



I would like to congratulate Bishop Thomas J. Tobin for having the courage and strength to state, “Biden-Harris. First time in a while that the Democratic ticket hasn’t had a Catholic on it. Sad.” The bishop is absolutely right – Joe Biden isn’t’ a true Catholic if he believes and supports abortion. More Catholic bishops should have the courage he has to speak out with the truth.
According to the old adage “The truth will set you free,” but the bishop is being vilified for speaking out. What happened when Jesus spoke out with the truth? He too was vilified and worse – crucified.
I’m proud to have a bishop who is not fearful of the consequences of speaking the truth.
“Pick up your cross daily and follow me,” Jesus says. Even if it means you’re allowing yourself to be a “target” in Jesus’ name.
God bless Bishop Tobin for being a true bishop in God’s royal priesthood. I’m praying that he keeps up God’s work in words and deeds! Amen.

Richard D. Walsh, East Greenwich