Carcieris show courage with pro-life stance


In his Evangelium Vitae, the Holy Father Pope John Paul II wrote relative to elected officials, "No one can ever renounce this responsibility, especially when he or she has a legislative or decision-making mandate, which calls that person to answer to God, to his or her own conscience and to the whole of society."

We were proud to see Governor Don Carcieri, of late the subject of vicious personal attacks by his political enemies, set aside a few moments to stand up for life.

At a State House rally last Wednesday, the Governor was joined by the First Lady and many who support the preservation of life at all stages. It isn’t, of course, the first time they have spoken publicly and persuasively on this issue. Indeed, their strong pro-life position was known before the Governor was elected to office.

Now, who in public office will have the courage to follow their lead?


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