Catholic Charity Appeal so far tracking slightly ahead of last year's campaign


PROVIDENCE — Six weeks, or one quarter of the way into the 2023 diocesan Catholic Charity Appeal, the campaign has reached 37% of its $7 million goal. As of February 24, the Appeal has generated $2,657,387 in pledges and one-time gifts from 6,781 donors.
The annual Appeal, with the theme “Walking Together in Faith,” kicked off in the middle of January and will end in June.
“As of this time, the overall amount donated either through pledge or one-time gifts is slightly ahead of last year, which is very encouraging” Stewardship and Development Director Tim McCaig told Rhode Island Catholic.
“We’re very pleased with the progress. We’re tracking slightly ahead by $70,000 from this time last year.”
McCaig said that of the 6,781 donors who’ve contributed thus far, approximately 34% have increased their donation in 2023.
Direct mail letters sent to diocesan faithful in January continue to be the main vehicle through which donors are responding, but McCaig encourages everyone who has yet to respond to participate at Mass through the In-Pew phase.
Parishioners have thus far largely responded through the mail, but they can also participate online and at Mass via the In-Pew envelopes made available at church.
New this year, the Office of Stewardship and Development has created an online results page for individuals interested in tracking the campaign pledges made to their parishes and the progress each is making toward meeting its individual goals. The page can be viewed by visiting:
Diocesan representatives from the Office of Catholic Charities and Social Ministry have been offering presentations at parishes across the diocese on how pledges support critical outreach ministries.
Volunteer speakers from Catholic Social Services are also presenting at Masses to share details about their specific ministry or program.
“Presentations have been taking place throughout February, and now into March, throughout the diocese by both clergy and laity, and diocesan representatives from the Catholic Social Services office are presenting at Mass, as well as seminarians to promote the Appeal in select parishes.
This year’s goal represents an increase from $6.8 million in 2022, when the campaign surpassed $6,960,000 in donations (102% of its goal), from 19,631 contributors.
“Overall, we feel good about the response so far. People have been generous. And we’re grateful to the pastors and volunteers and are encouraged by the results,” McCaig said.
He said the next Appeal update is expected around April 1, the midpoint of the campaign.
In addition to the in-pew Appeal solicitations in parishes, the Office of Stewardship has established the following online link for donors to contribute to the 2023 Catholic Charity Appeal: