Catholic Education a shared sacrifice


Lives are full of sacrifices. Some are harder to justify than others are. Some are for the benefit of individuals or just for the few. Some have short-term, immediate goals. Then there are sacrifices that benefit society, family, faith and have long-term results lasting lifetimes.

Catholic education can be one of those most important sacrifices with widespread benefits that are beyond tally. Catholic education often requires sacrifices by the families who choose to invest in the spiritual health and education of their children and are able to find means by which to do just that. Teachers and administrators in Catholic schools traditionally earn substantially less than those who are in public education but despite reduced salaries still choose to live their vocations in an environment with loftier goals. Parishes who host Catholic schools often invest much of the stewardship of the faithful into proudly and with great effort maintaining and supporting their institutions.

Catholic education must remain a common goal of all the Church and a shared sacrifice among the faithful. By supporting Catholic education and all who sacrifice out of love for a more just society and spiritual as well as academic development of our youth, investment is made not just in students but in the whole world. Christ taught the faithful that some sacrifices are for the Kingdom of God. Catholic education deeply rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in union with his teaching authority, the Church, is one of the worthwhile sacrifices.