Church provides principles and foundations, not judgments in particular circumstances


Catholics may be surprised to know that the Church has never endorsed one political system, much less a political party. But American Catholics often demand from their Church similar kinds of endorsements. Whenever a bishop or priest authentically preaches against a moral evil, he receives adulation and criticism on both sides of the political spectrum. The Church provides immutable principles and foundations, not judgments in particular circumstances. Those judgments rest with the faithful.
This election cycle, Catholics should recall that the ultimate meaning of human life can never be discovered through politics. Out of the three necessary societies in life — the Church, the family, and the State — political society is least important. Catholics have an obligation to participate in civic life, to defend the innocent, work for justice, and condemn evil.
But when someone places all his hopes and dreams in the establishment of certain political prospects, he will find himself sorely dissatisfied. Only God can fill the deep caverns of the human heart. Only He provides the meaning to life and the means to reach human fulfillment. Vote on November 3. Defend what is right and just. But do not fret if the outcome is less than desirable. The Church has long outlasted political contingencies because of her Divine Founder. In the end, only He matters.