Daily Mass? Yes, please!



I have had a few friends recently ask me why I attend Mass daily, implying I must be a holy person for doing so. Well, it is quite the contrary – I attend with the hopes of becoming holy, each day becoming closer to God.
Of course, the first reason for attending daily Mass is because it is the most beautiful way to start my day. Quiet time before Mass thanking the Father for all His graces, asking for His help for so many reasons. When there is no one to turn to – He is always there. But then we as Catholics have the greatest gift of all, Jesus present in the Eucharist, The Real Presence. Have we come to take that for granted? Sadly, many Catholics doubt The Real Presence. For those skeptical, I gently urge you to speak with a priest. The smartest men I know all wear white collars. I have no doubt Jesus is here with us the moment those beautiful bells ring and we become one with Him upon reception of the Most Holy Sacrament. What Catholic wouldn’t want that feeling every day, to be physically touched by Our Lord?
There is another reason I attend daily Mass, because there may be a time when I won’t be able to. One day I may no longer be able to drive and only get to Mass on Sundays or find myself in a nursing home where I can only receive Him monthly – or less. And when those times come to pass, I pray to God that He will give me the graces to accept it. But in the meantime, I never want to look back and realize He was here, waiting for me at Mass and I wasn’t there to meet Him when I had the opportunity. Love Itself awaits us at Holy Mass. How do I know? Because, I trust in our Catholic Faith, founded by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, which tells us so.

Claire Gruneberg