Deacon Steven Raymond honored for always doing ‘small things with great love’

St. Patrick Academy celebrates beloved deacon, commemorates main office in his name


PROVIDENCE —To know Deacon Steven Raymond is to love Deacon Steven Raymond.
An integral part of the fabric that makes St. Patrick Academy the warm and welcoming home it is, Deacon Raymond has served for many years at the parish and school. He began his time at St. Patrick’s as a math tutor, then he became a math teacher, and later principal in 1985. When the school became St. Patrick Academy in 2009, Deacon Raymond was named the director of operations, handling both student-based issues and school-based issues, including financial aid, transportation, and maintenance and repairs. However, in reality, he does so much more.
He loves to quote Mother Teresa, saying to students and faculty alike, “Do small things with great love.” This is something that he lives out each and every day.
“Everything he does, he does with great love,” the school said in a statement. “His kindness, compassion and caring are what makes him so special. Students will share stories of times where Mr. Raymond bought them a bus pass when they lost theirs, got them food when there wasn’t much at home, provided a tie to a young man who needed one, or simply said ‘Good Morning’ to each student and greeted them by name as they arrived each day. All of these things — everything he does — he does with great love for others.”
To celebrate Deacon Raymond and how much he means to the St. Patrick Academy family, an All Saints’ Day Mass, which also happens to be the deacon’s birthday, was held. He was surprised with not only his family coming to be a part of the Mass but was also honored by having the main office commemorated in his name, with it now being the Deacon Steven M. Raymond School Office.