Mark Gadoury ordained to Sacred Order of the Diaconate


PROVIDENCE — Auxiliary Bishop Robert C. Evans ordained Mark Gabriel Gadoury to the transitional diaconate on Saturday, May 15 at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul.

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Gadoury was ordained by the imposition of hands and the prayer of ordination before a gathering of about 40 priests, seminarians and permanent deacons from the Diocese of Providence, as well as many family members and friends.
Father Stephen Salocks, rector of St. John Seminary in Brighton, Mass., where Gadoury is studying for the priesthood, was in attendance, along with several seminarians.
In his homily, Bishop Evans asked Gadoury to keep in mind that whenever he proclaims the Gospel, presides over public prayer, teaches holy doctrine, administers baptism, assists at and blesses Marriages, brings Viaticum to the dying, conducts funeral rites or distributes the Lord’s Body and Blood, he is doing so not in his own name but in the name of God.
“Unworthy as any are to be given such divine responsibilities, know that you are commissioned by a power that gives you the grace to bear all things joyfully,” Bishop Evans said.
“For you to accomplish this work, you will be raised to the Order of the Diaconate, for your calling is from God and it is God who gives the grace to persevere in this mission.”
The bishop spoke of the gesture of the laying on of hands originating with the Apostles, who initially chose seven men “filled with spirit and wisdom” to assist in their apostolic labors.
“From today onward, you are not only a hearer of the Gospel but also its minister,” Bishop Evans said. “Express by your actions the word of God, which your lips proclaim, so that the faithful may see and love in you what they see and love in Christ.”
Before the homily, the Rite of Ordination began with the bishop questioning the candidate on his intentions to enter the office and assume its related responsibilities. Afterwards, in the Promise of the Elect, Gadoury expressed his resolve to carry out the Office of Deacon in accord with the mind of Christ and of the Church, under the direction of the bishop.
Following the Litany of Supplication, in which Gadoury prostrated himself before the altar in a gesture of humble supplication, the most sacred action of the rite took place as Bishop Evans imposed his hands upon the head of the elect and offered a consecratory prayer, ordaining him for service in the Church.
After serving at the altar for the remainder of the Mass, Gadoury returned to greet those who had come to participate in this special day in his journey on the road to the priesthood.

“Right now I am just extremely grateful to God. I know I am unworthy, but I am following his call for me. I am just overwhelmed, but I have immense gratitude for everyone who came to be here today, but also to Almighty God for this unworthy call. I am so excited to serve his Church and his people,” Deacon Gadoury told Rhode Island Catholic.
The son of Cheryll Gadoury and the late Paul Gadoury, of St. Joan of Arc Parish, Cumberland, Deacon Gadoury has two sisters, Rachel and Rebecca.
Deacon Gadoury, who will serve at St. Paul Parish, Cranston, while completing his final year of seminary studies to prepare for ordination to the priesthood in 2022, is an alumnus of Cumberland High School, University of Rhode Island, and Providence College.
Cheryll Gadoury said that she was extremely proud of her son and knows that his late father, who passed away from illness seven years ago this August, would also be very proud of his son on this day.
“Mark is going to make a very special deacon and priest. He’s been wanting this ever since he was a young boy,” she said.
“I am just so very blessed and honored to say that Mark is my son and I’m just so very happy for him.”