Fortunate for the Latin rite


To The Editor:

Rev. Joseph Creedon seems to be irritated by an article that you published recently (July 22, 2010). Whether his ire is directed toward poor editing and incomplete reporting by the paper, or toward the Latin language as a liturgical conveyance, or toward proponents of the Tridentine Mass, it is quite clear that he is upset.

His impression of the usefulness of the “lingua romana,” or the ignorance of those quoted by the paper aside, his comment on not disputing taste is ironic. I would remind the good Father that it is very poor taste to refer to those with whom one disagrees as “illigitimi”, particularly in the case of the followers of the Extraordinary Rite as it is now called.

This Rite enjoys full legitimacy with several other rites under the Roman Catholic aegis; it is not a spurious whim of tasteless reactionaries. Frankly, it is a beautiful thing to experience. We are fortunate to have this Mass available at the Holy Name Church.

Pax Vobiscum, Father Creedon!

M.N. Gould

Fall River, Massachusetts