Gratitude for their many years of faithful service

Priest Retirement Fund collection to take place the weekend of September 17 and 18


PROVIDENCE — For years after parish and other assignments, priests in the Diocese of Providence continue to serve Christ and the faithful through many selfless efforts.
Many may not realize that diocesan priests live independently in retirement. After active ministry, they no longer rely upon their parishes for support. To help retired priests meet every day needs like food, housing, transportation and health care, the diocese established the Senior Priest Retirement Fund in the mid-1960s. This year, the Priest Retirement Fund collection will take place the weekend of September 17 and 18.
The Priest Retirement Fund is the primary means by which those Catholic priests who have served for decades in the Diocese of Providence are cared for in their later years — years that are spent in active ministry.
Like other vocations that are lived in service to others — such as marriage and parenthood — priesthood is about giving, not taking. In fact, even in retirement many of our senior priests continue to serve in various ministries throughout the diocese. Often retiring between ages 70 and 75, they still serve where they’re needed. And of course there are those who require assisted living, or nursing home care. This fund’s strength is important not just for those who depend on it today, but also for those who will rely upon it in the years ahead. There are increasing challenges that this fund will need to meet in the near future.
The Senior Priest Retirement Fund receives revenue from five sources: the Catholic Charity Appeal; the Diocesan General Fund; gifts and bequests; the annual Our Lady Queen of the Clergy parish/agency assessment based on each active priest; and the upcoming annual diocesan collection.
This annual collection is a major support for our retired priests. With a thoughtful, generous contribution the diocese can help the Senior Priest Retirement Fund meet its obligations to those who depend on it for today and tomorrow.
Please consider a generous gift to the Senior Priest Retirement Fund Second Collection. For more information or to give online, visit