Hendricken grads: ‘Be bold and continue to dream’

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PROVIDENCE — Graduates of Bishop Hendricken High School were challenged to continue to make a difference in the world and uphold the Gospel values during commencement exercises held June 11 at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul.

The graduation, the school's 49th, marked the final Hendricken commencement for Christian Brother Thomas Leto, school president, who will assume a similar role at Iona Preparatory School in New Rochelle, N.Y., later this summer.

The Class of 2010 honored the school's namesake by placing flowers at the sarcophagus of Bishop Thomas Hendricken, whose death 116 years ago coincided with the date of the graduation.

Valedictorian Graham R. Duff told his classmates not to "sit still" and be "swept away by waves of apathy."

"Life is a continuous series of choices," he said. "Every second offers a new dichotomy to be navigated: to stay or to go, to turn around or to press forward, to yell or to whisper, to walk or to run, to believe or not to believe. And often, when these choices are most difficult and most important, we hesitate to make them. We worry about which choice is right, which one is wrong, which one will hold greater consequences. Then, we do not make them. And this not choosing is, in fact, the worst choice of all."

Duff cited the examples of several classmates who made difficult choices while at Hendricken and persevered, including athlete Brian Doyle, who honors his late father and marathoner Bobby Doyle by continuing to run and compete in track events.

"He refuses to stall; he makes a choice; he keeps on running," Duff acknowledged.

Brandon Maziuk, class salutatorian, advised his peers to be observant, responsible and to respect the advice of more experienced individuals.

"We have guides who have done this before," he acknowledged.

Urging the graduates not to "be a number" or hide in the background, Maziuk told his classmates to continue their "amazing work" as they set out to surmount new challenges and explore the world.

Brother Leto thanked the Hendricken community for its support during his 11-year tenure at Hendricken and told the class to value the relationships they had made at the school, and most importantly, their relationship with God. He told them to follow Jesus' example by loving and reaching out to others.

Principal Joseph Brennan, quoting Mother Angelica, advised the graduates to “be bold.”

"This could be the challenge for all of us," he continued. "Think of what the world would be like if everyone was bold in everything that they do."

The longtime Hendricken educator urged the young men to be bold in their love of family and God.

"Always have dreams," he told the graduates. “Be bold and continue to dream.”

Christian Lavalle, who will be attending St. Anselm College, Manchester, N.H., in the fall to study business, described his experience at Bishop Hendricken as "a really good four years."

Lavalle added that the education he received provided him with a solid academic foundation and enhanced the core values he was taught at home.

His father, John Lavalle, a member of the Class of 1979, noted that his own education prepared him for lifelong service to his Catholic faith.

Graduate Robert Pezzillo also enjoyed attending the all-boy's school.

"Overall, it's been very good," he said. "They prepare you very well."


Mr. Samuel S. Aalvik '10

Mr. Daniel C. Adamo '10

Mr. Chace E. Ahlborg '10

Mr. Justin V. Amalfitano '10

Mr. Michael A. Ambrosino '10

Mr. Michael D. Andrews '10

Mr. James J. Anesta '10

Mr. Zachary A. Armstrong '10

Mr. Cameron A. Aubin '10

Mr. Andrew J. Bathgate '10

Mr. Leon J. Bayles '10

Mr. Dion R. Beliveau '10

Mr. Steven T. Bennett '10

Mr. Philip G. Berard '10

Mr. Austin M. Bergeron '10

Mr. Trevor D. Bernadyn '10

Mr. Forrest P. Berrey '10

Mr. Domenic R. Bianchi '10

Mr. Ryan M. Bichajian '10

Mr. David J. Bichun '10

Mr. David F. Blessington '10

Mr. Peter E. Bowen '10

Mr. Brian S. Brazeau '10

Mr. Patrick J. Brophy '10

Mr. Anthony J. Bucci '10

Mr. Michael J. Budz, Jr. '10

Mr. Brendan M. Burns '10

Mr. Philip D. Calabro '10

Mr. Robert D. Capellan '10

Mr. Daniel A. Capozzi '10

Mr. Mark W. Caprio '10

Mr. Christopher J. Capuano '10

Mr. Ryan Z. Caron '10

Mr. Stephen D. Carpenter '10

Mr. Daniel P. Carr '10

Mr. Christopher R. Carter '10

Mr. David J. Case '10

Mr. William J. Cavanagh '10

Mr. Christopher N. Cesario '10

Mr. John A. Chamberlain '10

Mr. Donald A. Colapietro '10

Mr. Robert B. Collins '10

Mr. Andre S. Collins '10

Mr. Nicholas P. Constant '10

Mr. Christopher A. Constant '10

Mr. Antonio P. Conte '10

Mr. R. Christopher L. Conti '10

Mr. David R. Courtemanche '10

Mr. Christopher M. Crawford '10

Mr. Peter M. D'Abrosca '10

Mr. Michael A. D'Ambra '10

Mr. Alex M. Daponte '10

Mr. Matthew J. Davey '10

Mr. Daniel P. Davison '10

Mr. Ryan D. Day '10

Mr. Gerald T. DeGiulio Jr. '10

Mr. Kevin C. Del Cid '10

Mr. Nicholas P. Dench '10

Mr. Joseph D. DeSimone '10

Mr. Michael F. Desmarais '10

Mr. Michael S. DeStefano '10

Mr. Anthony C. Di Domenico '10

Mr. Benjamin P. Dias '10

Mr. Russell G. Dion '10

Mr. Christopher B. DiStefano '10

Mr. Brian R. Doyle '10

Mr. Graham R. Duff '10

Mr. Brandon T. Elliano '10

Mr. Michael J. Fallone, Jr. '10

Mr. Michael A. Ferrara '10

Mr. Scott L. Fielding '10

Mr. Austin E. Flaherty '10

Mr. Michael J. Flanagan '10

Mr. Timothy J. Flannery '10

Mr. Kevin C. Fornari '10

Mr. Linton O. Foster '10

Mr. Sean P. Foster '10

Mr. Daniel E. Freeman '10

Mr. Justin V. Furtado '10

Mr. Matthew F. Gallucci '10

Mr. Tyler B. Gammons '10

Mr. Philip W. Gasbarro '10

Mr. Patrick D. Gavin '10

Mr. Thomas A. Geer '10

Mr. Anthony J. Gesualdi '10

Mr. Richard M. Gladding '10

Mr. Michael A. Guadagno '10

Mr. Kenneth R. Hanson '10

Mr. Zachary P. Harrington '10

Mr. Russell C. Henry '10

Mr. Christopher A. Higgins '10

Mr. Daniel J. Hitt '10

Mr. Daniel J. Holmes '10

Mr. Kevin D. Isacco '10

Mr. Liudas V. Jagminas '10

Mr. Douglas J. Jamiel '10

Mr. Casey J. Jarvis '10

Mr. Matthew J. Jarvis '10

Mr. Derek C. Johnston '10

Mr. Michael J. Jones '10

Mr. Min-Yoon Jung '10

Mr. Conrad J. Kaczmarek '10

Mr. Daniel Kazakov '10

Mr. Bryan P. Kearney '10

Mr. Brian T. Keefe '10

Mr. Brian P. Kenney '10

Mr. Gary Khammahavong '10

Mr. Ryan P. Kreshak '10

Mr. Andrew T. Kunzmann '10

Mr. Michael C. LaFazia '10

Mr. Christian M. Laiter '10

Mr. Nicholas J. Langella '10

Mr. Robert H. LaPlante '10

Mr. Christian Lavallee '10

Mr. Stephen C. Lavoie '10

Mr. Christopher W. Lee '10

Mr. Tyler C. Leonard '10

Mr. Rene X. Leroux '10

Mr. Craig A. Licker '10

Mr. Christian L. Lilly '10

Mr. Andrew M. Louth '10

Mr. Michael J. Lynch '10

Mr. Michael B. MacKenzie '10

Mr. Scott W. MacLeod '10

Mr. Joseph J. Malaga '10

Mr. Christopher P. Mangan '10

Mr. Nicholas A. Manning '10

Mr. James M. Marrinan '10

Mr. Lee D. Marzilli '10

Mr. Peter F. Mason '10

Mr. Nicholas V. Mattiello '10

Mr. Matthew J. Maxwell '10

Mr. Brandon F. Maziuk '10

Mr. John E. McDonald '10

Mr. Ian T. McGovern '10

Mr. John H. McGowan '10

Mr. Aaron D. McInnis '10

Mr. Alexander N. McKhann '10

Mr. Steven A. McPhillips '10

Mr. Christopher J. Medeiros '10

Mr. Vincent J. Mercurio '10

Mr. James D. Messina '10

Mr. Max T. Milder '10

Mr. Benjamin D. Minior '10

Mr. Alejandro J. Montalban '10

Mr. Jose Montanez '10

Mr. Samuel R. Montminy '10

Mr. Hugh M. Moren '10

Mr. Salvatore F. Morenzi '10

Mr. Samuel V. Morgan '10

Mr. Cole A. Morgan '10

Mr. Brendan T. Mulligan '10

Mr. Daniel J. Murray '10

Mr. Jordan E. Navach '10

Mr. David Navarro '10

Mr. Matthew N. Neale '10

Mr. Andrew G. Nelson '10

Mr. Louis P. Nikitas '10

Mr. Christopher A. Nunes '10

Mr. Colin J. O'Brien '10

Mr. Ryan P. O'Connell '10

Mr. Konnor J. Olton '10

Mr. Onochie J. Onyejose '10

Mr. Robert C. Ortiz '10

Mr. Evan A. Pagano '10

Mr. Dimitrius Palmer '10

Mr. Michael R. Palmiere '10

Mr. Ryan A. Palumbo '10

Mr. Vincenzo D. Papa '10

Mr. Michael J. Pardy '10

Mr. Peter F. Parrella, IV '10

Mr. Trevor Patrick '10

Mr. Marcello E. Penta '10

Mr. Christopher J. Perrone '10

Mr. Anthony J. Pesare '10

Mr. John W. Peterson '10

Mr. Evan M. Petrone '10

Mr. Ward D. Pettibone '10

Mr. Robert M. Pezzillo '10

Mr. Tyler L. Phelan '10

Mr. Joao M. Pinheiro '10

Mr. Alexander J. Priest '10

Mr. Andrew L. Quackenbush '10

Mr. David J. Quaglieri '10

Mr. Alex W. Reilly '10

Mr. Thomas B. Reilly '10

Mr. Anthony J. Renzi '10

Mr. David M. Revens '10

Mr. Austin K. Rey '10

Mr. Brandon M. Ribbing '10

Mr. William J. Ricci '10

Mr. John D. Ritchie '10

Mr. Derek R. Robberson '10

Mr. Brian F. Rodas '10

Mr. Edward V. Rodi '10

Mr. Jeffrey M. Roy '10

Mr. Sadam J. Salas '10

Mr. Dong Woo Seo '10

Mr. Casey A. Sheehan '10

Mr. Jacob P. Sienko '10

Mr. Ryan M. Silva '10

Mr. Kyle D. Silva '10

Mr. Justin J. Skerpan '10

Mr. Tyler P. Sliney '10

Mr. Neal P. Smith '10

Mr. Prasanth Somasundar '10

Mr. Nathanael D. Staley '10

Mr. Tyler K. Stone '10

Mr. Marco R. Succi '10

Mr. Ryan M. Sullivan '10

Mr. Scott M. Suvall '10

Mr. Richard C. Torres '10

Mr. Ryan M. Trottier '10

Mr. Nathan R. Umbriano '10

Mr. Bryan P. Vachon '10

Mr. Daniel A. Valente Jr. '10

Mr. Julio E. Vasquez '10

Mr. Nicholas E. Ventetuolo '10

Mr. Thomas L. Verdi '10

Mr. Jeremy R. Vessella '10

Mr. Andrew J. Vucci '10

Mr. Brenton B. Wallin '10

Mr. Daniel S. Wilkins, Jr. '10

Mr. Gregory A. Winslow '10

Mr. Thomas A. Wynne '10

Mr. Michael J. Yanish '10

Mr. Preston L. Yeatman '10