How can we work together to be the church that Christ envisioned?



I hear Catholic people in Rhode Island express their anxiety about the future of their parishes. With the decreasing numbers attending church and ever fewer priests, they are discouraged.
With his eyes on the world, Pope Francis has seen this very thing happening in many countries. He is offering us a hope-filled answer. He says, ‘Let’s all be the ministers of Christ then! Let’s all be his missionaries, his disciples!’
The pope is calling for a meeting in Rome next year, a synod. But the first steps are being taken now. He is calling for a worldwide ‘Listening Campaign.’ He wants to know what we think. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the church that we see? What are our dreams for the church?
Soon, through our parishes, we’ll be able to share our thoughts, our hopes and dreams with the pope. Imagine, what a great moment for us all! How do you think we could walk and work together for a church that Christ would love to see?

Father Robert Beirne, Providence


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