If abortion is not wrong, nothing is wrong


To the Editor:

Mother Theresa of Calcutta once said, “If abortion is not wrong, nothing is wrong.”

With that stated, please answer a question that is on the mind of this Rhode Island Catholic before the national election. Why do so many Rhode Island Catholics consistently support pro-abortion political candidates, many of whom call themselves “Catholic”?

It certainly is not as if the records of the politicians and their opposition to Catholic principles is a secret. What in the world is happening in the education of Rhode Island Catholics? Why are they so slow about translating the truth of the Catholic faith into correct decisions, especially decisions at the polls? People worry about the economy, war, jobs, terrorism, the list goes on and on. Yet if we don’t protect a baby in the womb, how can we possibly expect God to protect us?

Please consider voting with your heart and soul this election, as the minds of many seem to be distorted and clouded. Protection of life should come first and God’s graces will follow.

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich