Innocent human life is considered sacred



God bless the Pastor Emeritus whose editorial letter incorporated the teachings of the Catechism to make his case that practicing Catholics cannot vote for Joe Biden. Innocent human life is sacred. End of story. Another profound teaching in this chapter (Paragraph 1705), is that we are made in God’s image. Like God, the core of our being consists of our ability to have thoughts (intellect), and the ability to act, or not act on those thoughts (free will). This is at the very core of our soul, intellect and free will.
Unfortunately, some of our more vociferous quasi-Catholic media outlets imply that since we can’t vote for Joe Biden, then Donald Trump becomes our default choice.
The ruler of this world, the father of all lies, the great divider and deceiver, would like nothing better than to have true Christians buy into this false narrative. Fortunately, the RI ballot allows for write-in candidates where we can select someone who espouses true Christian values.
At the end of our days, when all is said and done, the only choices that are going to matter are the one’s that Jesus laid out for us in Matthew 25:35-45.

James M. Dempsey Sr., North Smithfield