Jesse Liam performs special online concert for St. Augustine School community


PROVIDENCE — Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound. Those lyrics were sung from the heart of Rhode Island’s own Jesse Liam Gauthier recently in a special online concert for the St. Augustine School community.

Gauthier is well-known throughout the state for his gift of song, always singing with a smile at countless concerts and special events he and his band attend throughout the year.

In this unique time of social distancing, singers and musicians must perform at home to an online audience, but that has not held him back.

Michelle DeQuattro, who serves on the St. Augustine school board and works part time at the school, first contacted Gauthier to see if he would consider singing “God Bless America” and “Amazing Grace” for the students, staff and families and dedicate it to the school.

“I thought it would be a fun way to keep us all uplifted, singing and praying together as a school community,” she said. “My brother-in-law Michael DeQuattro plays in the Jesse Liam Band as a percussionist and family and I go see his shows at various parks in the summer. Jesse is incredibly talented and has an amazing energy about him.”

The performance was posted on the school’s website, social media and emailed to the entire school community. DeQuattro shared that the video has received an incredibly positive response.

“People cried when they first heard it,” she said. “Some people are starting their day now with the videos after morning prayer. People have really been touched by this video and Jesse has had a positive impact on many people through his gifts from God.”

Principal Janet Rufful said, “Jesse, thank you so much for singing those beautiful songs. We appreciate you sharing your gifts with us. You have lifted the spirits of the St. Augustine community.”

Gauthier loves making people happy through singing and he is grateful that DeQuattro gave him that opportunity.

“I get to make people feel something just by doing what I love to do,” he said. “It’s beyond a blessing.”

Gauthier’s kind and uplifting spirit always seems to translate through his music. Among his past credits, the acclaimed singer was named Limelight Magazine's Male Vocalist of the Year.

Gauthier shared that his message of hope — through music — is very important right now.

“Whenever there is tragedy, the average person, myself included, feels as though they cannot do anything to immediately fix the problem. It’s a helpless feeling, and when disaster strikes I have always and will forever turn to music. Music just turns any situation into a positive one; at least I have found that to be true. When Michelle had initially asked me to use my gift to make others happy during these dark times, I jumped into action. This made me feel so helpful during the tough situation we are all facing together. Now, that’s the best feeling in the world.”

Every chance he gets during this time of home isolation, Jesse and his father Jack Gauthier, a singer, musician and Grammy-nominated recording engineer, will connect with fans via Facebook and perform a LIVE living room concert.

“It’s all about being creative during this time of solitude and to be able to continue to engage with the fans. It’s a two way street; we all make each other feel uplifted. So, ‘friend me’ on my Facebook (Jesse Liam Gauthier) to join the virtual party.”

Gauthier will also be posting videos on his YouTube channel,, to bring light and encouragement to the fans. He is also looking forward to the summer when the Jesse Liam Band will be back to their regularly scheduled programming.

“We have many dates lined up to bring more joy to more people at our shows. We also have been working very hard on a new CD that will be ready for our fans this summer. I can’t wait for what the future holds but I know it will be a big sigh of relief for us all once this is over. In the meantime, “music has our back.”

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