Legislature making decisions that can be deadly for the unborn, elderly



I’m infuriated and saddened that the State House of Representatives voted in favor of legalizing abortion right up until just before birth. This is insidious and intrinsically evil that an unborn child will never get a chance at life. Seventy-four percent of our population in Rhode Island does not endorse abortion right up until birth. I would not support a legislator that does not believe in life to the fullest. As constituents we should be studying these subjects and trying to become more knowledgeable in order to grasp the depth of such votes. It is time to look for people who have better morals and values than we are seeing in some of our state representatives. These life issues, abortion and euthanasia, can be deadly for the unborn and the elderly. There is a lot to think about!

Marilyn C. Brennan, Narragansett