Mary will watch over us


On May 1, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin joined American Bishops in reconsecrating the United States and Canada to Mary, Mother of the Church in an act of humble surrender to her heavenly aid. The bishops reiterated how important it is for Catholics to fly to Mary’s maternal protection in times of need and desperation. During this act of reconsecration, the bishops entrusted their people to the heavenly intercession of the Mother of God, that she might watch over these countries and grant them a swift reprieve from the terrors of the COVID-19 outbreak. This plea surely encompassed a request for the health and safety of all; but even more importantly, the bishops prayed that faith may be revived, hope sustained, and charity awakened. In a word, they prayed first and foremost for an increase in the theological virtues oriented toward the salvation of mankind.

During these days, it is important to keep things in perspective. Even in the midst of great trial, Mary reminds us to consistently trust in the Lord and surrender to His Will. She likewise consoles us with her maternal gaze and encourages us to continue to strive for holiness, in response to God’s grace. She personally knew what it meant to stand by her Son’s Cross at Calvary. But she also experienced the glory of that Easter Sunday which filled the disciples’ hearts with paschal joy. Mary thus reminds each of us to never lose hope as we place our complete confidence in her Immaculate Heart. She reminds us that her Immaculate Heart will triumph.