Msgr. Clarke students visit Mother of Hope Camp for day of service


Msgr. Clarke School students recently traveled from Wakefield to Chepachet as part of a two-day retreat centered on the school’s values of leadership and service. Activities included: Navigating a Team-Building Challenge Ropes Course; Service-Based Projects/Workshops led by Mother of Hope Camp Staff, including dog biscuit-making outreach workshop, camp trail and beach clearing, community garden preparation, application of woodchips on the ropes course, quilt making; and a prayer service led by seminarian Rob Caputo and an end of the night camp fire by Echo Lake. Seventh-grader Lily Stuart shared that the experience reinforced the idea of leaving a place better than you found it. “This experience taught me how to be responsible and how to help make Mother of Hope a place that others can enjoy as well,” she said. The second day students continued the service projects in the morning and then went to have a tour of Edesia nutrition in North Kingstown which is a company that is a global leader in serving the world’s most malnourished. “The trip was well-received and it was evident that new friendships were formed and the class was strengthened as a team,” said Buff Wessman, middle school religion teacher. “Many suggested that the trip be extended to three days.”