Nationalities, ethnic and religious groups should not be singled out for derision and ridicule



The diocesan offices were recently in receipt of a request regarding The Gamm Theatre’s production of a play sadly entitled “Bad Jews.” As Ecumenical and Interfaith Officer for the diocese I share the concern that any nationality or ethnic or religious group should be singled out for possible derision and ridicule. Reviews for the play indicate that it contrasts the resoluteness and dedication of a previous generation with the disorder and chaos of the present generation. Clearly this is not an antagonism limited to Jews! All of present-day society endures such disarray. Still, the letter writer is correct. The Gamm Theatre might today get away with allowing the word “Jews” in the title, but the producers would certainly not get away with employing a reference to groups more prominent in the public eye. I doubt the title of the play will likely be altered but individual protests as well as letters to local editors might avert similar missteps in the future. Our diocesan newspaper is pleased to take note!

Father John A. Kiley
Ecumenical and Interfaith Office, Diocese of Providence