New Learning Center at Mercymount Country Day School


CUMBERLAND ― A new Learning Center at Mercymount will provide support for students, teachers and families, so that all students will be successful in accessing the academic curriculum. The Learning Center has been established to ensure that each child has what she/he needs to attain the curriculum standards.

In justice to Mercymount students, not every learner needs to use the same resources, but all students should have the tools and the support for their success. Students with IEPs are given assistance to meet individual learning goals while fostering independence and self-advocacy skills.

In The Learning Center, accommodation plans will be developed for students when testing indicates additional support is needed. These accommodation plans (like public schools’ 504 plans) assist teachers with identification and implementation strategies for individual students as they work within the curriculum.

The Learning Center staff and teachers act as liaisons between public school districts and families in making academic referrals, attending meetings to represent and advocate for students, and coordinating the provision of services depending on qualification of academic needs.

Mercymount will also be expanding efforts to serve all students who need greater challenges both in and out of the classroom in order to reach their highest potential.