Parentage Act will lead to children being treated as commodities


To the Editor:

Recently, amid a global pandemic, Gov. Gina Raimondo signed into law the “Equal Parentage Act” as well as a law requiring a gender-neutral designation option for R.I. driver’s licenses. Both of these laws are the inevitable result of society’s confusion regarding gender. Sadly, it is now considered controversial to say that only women can give birth. We have codified into law the false belief that men and women are interchangeable and that children do not need, nor have they any right to, a mother and a father. In fact, the Equal Parentage Act bill does not even mention the word “father.” We are no longer mothers and fathers — just parent 1 and parent 2. But why only two? Once biology is deemed irrelevant, why not three parents? Courts in California have already given legal recognition to “tri-parenting.”
No matter how badly they may want one, no one has the “right” to another human being. Adoption should require extreme care and due diligence, as the best interests of the child need to be fully ensured. Adoption is about giving a child the parents they NEED, not about giving adults the child, they WANT. It is a travesty that we now treat children as commodities to be manufactured into existence when they are “wanted,” and aborted when not.
When signing the bill, Governor Raimondo vowed that they would not stop there and encouraged the state to continue pushing the liberal agenda of healthcare equality (promoting abortion) and education equality (“comprehensive” sex ed). This November, we must remember that a vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for society to continue to drift further down its path towards moral relativism. It is a vote to continue denigrating the sanctity of human life and to continue denying biological reality.
Roberta Minnis, Cranston