President Trump Shirked his Duty?



The title of your editorial in your January 14th publication was opinion, thanks to our First Amendment of freedom of speech, but not based on fact. Yes, the violent event at our Capital on January 6th was horrendous, much akin to the violent attacks still occurring on individuals and private and public properties in several of our states, and should never be condoned. The cowards and thugs responsible deserve punishment.
You may not have liked his ”fight like hell” language, but President Trump did not shirk his duty or incite an insurrection. He was still speaking when the attack occurred. He was exercising his right to free speech. He asked those present to “peacefully and patriotically march to make your voices heard.” It is unfortunate that biased news media opinion made the election focus on personalities rather than policy and fact.
In my opinion, the Parable of the Faithful Steward may well be applied to President Trump. Much was demanded of him, and he gave more in his 4 years of service: asked for no salary, kept our country free from war, supported and strengthened our military, supported and defended law and order, and defended our police; stood up against the “swamp” and corruption in Washington, built the strongest economy in 70 years with the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years (before the pandemic); kept our borders safe, nominated conservative judges to uphold our constitution, protected our religious liberty, defended the lives of the unborn, stood against secularists who wanted to take Christ out of Christmas, has a wife who was not ashamed to open a Trump rally with “The Lord’s Prayer,” chose a Vice President who recognized the importance of prayer, and is not ashamed of the name of Jesus Christ.
“Well done, my good and faithful (but not so perfect) servant.”

Pauline R. Panatieri, Westerly